Thomas R. Moore


Het klankspel was een feest om mee te maken.” – Tom Janssens, De Standaard, 15.02.16

“I’m still under the influence of Moore’s concert yesterday. It really moved me and made me think a lot about the dimensions of art, music and human nature. The concepts behind his performance were inspiring and thrilling. I’m glad we took part in the whole project because it opened a new door in our minds.” – Concert hosts’ reaction, Solo concert in Nadar’s program: “Your Place or Mine,” Rainy Days, 19.11.18

Moore, moving briskly around the space like a man on a particularly important mission (surely the only way to play Stockhausen) was assimilated entirely within Oktophonie‘s all­ encompassing sonic reach. 

It was like hearing Oktophonie again for the first time, heartstoppingly wonderful.” – Simon Gummings,, 24.11.18

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